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1. Have a Plan

This is why one of the most critical website design tips is to make a plan.

2. Add Socials

In these digital times, every business should have social media accounts. Adding socials includes linking your company’s social media pages for your customers to follow and support.

3. A Call-to-Action

Decide what you want them to do next, what pages they need to see, or what actions they need to take.

4. Great Images

No one likes to get to a website and only see text. It’s an instant turn off.

5. Navigation

he more difficult your site is to navigate, the fewer people will want to stay on the site.

6. Mobile Optimization

In 2019, 52.2% of website traffic came from mobile phones. Your site should be as easily accessible on a mobile phone as it is on a desktop.

7. Let People Find You

What good is a website if people can’t find it? Your online presence is based on customers finding you online. Focusing on the search terms your audience is looking for is a must.

The most important new website design tip is Number 8

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Article summarized from solid digital post of 6/1/2000
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