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Brand redesign example

5 years ago Sterling Heights Community Federal Credit Union realigned themselves as a credit union and adopted a new charter.

They changed their name to Live Life Federal Credit Union.

Having done that, they were looking for help in their rebranding process and turned to 5by5 Design LLC for assistance.

See how we accomplished this in the steps below.

Logo design

The rebranding process demanded that we create a new, easy-to-read and likeable logo. The Credit Union wanted something that would appeal to both men and women and portray a friendly place to bank. Here are a few of the logo designs that were offered.

Logo design refined

Once the final logo design was chosen we explored different colors schemes to get just the right overall “feeling”.

Business Card Design

The next logical step was to create a business card design that was eye catching and yet very readable. Many variations were presented and in the end they came to the decision that each member could choose one of 3 designs. Although they look different the cohesive colors and styles still remain in force.

Product Sheet Design

The Credit Union needed something that they could send out with monthly statements to current members that alerted them of new services and special deals. They also used these product sheets to hand out or mail to prospective future members.

Newsletter Design

The credit union had been using Microsoft Word to create their quarterly newsletter and boy did it need a redo! We again took the familiar look and feel of the established corporate parameters and applied it to the newsletter. The effect was one of brand cohesiveness with an easy-to-read format

Social Media Promotion

The same overall style was carried over to all social media outlets being used by the Credit Union. Facebook, Linkedin and Google my Business were all consolidated under control by 5by5 design, to keep consistency and promote the same creativity used in the printed pieces. The postings varied between timely topics, tips, member updates and “1 minute money” videos. Every posting was carried over to the other appropriate media sites to further cross-promote the company effectively.

Google My Business Promotion

The same look was used when posting to  Google My Business. This was used as another way to keep the credit union name in the publics mind and too also help with Search results

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