What is your brand’s story

What’s your Story?small business image

Everyone has one. Our stories always tell something about us, our beliefs, what we stand for and where we come from.

The same is true for your business image – your brand. What story are you telling? Is your company’s image properly reflecting your business’s values, talents and expertise?

Crafting the right story for your brand is paramount. Humans react more to a great story than a bunch of facts. Someone told me “facts tell, but stories sell” (thanks Mark). We are just built that way, it’s in our nature. So if you want to engage and gather clientele tell the story of your brand. Make it consistent, simple and engaging.

There are several essential aspects:

  • Who you are

  • What you specifically do

  • How you solve problems

  • How you add value and care

  • How you engage and contribute

Let’s get together and discuss how 5by5 Design can help tell that story, further clarify it and make your brand image resonate. Who know you may be the next Uber!

Call 586-997-9647 or visit www.5by5dzign.com today.

BTW: 5by5 means Loud and Clear in radio parlance.
That’s our story –  every creation, whether on the web, in print, or anywhere is crafted to make sure your message is loud and clear.

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