Is it time to clean house?

brand image refresh 5by5 DesignThe first day of spring is always a reminder that it is time to clean house.

But when was the last time you cleaned up your company’s print and digital brand image?

Keeping things fresh and up-to-date is always a challenge. Below are just a few ways to get started on recharging your stale brand image and getting back on track for the coming months.

Time to Go Cross-Channel
In spite of all the talk about digital marketing, print still serves a vital role in marketing communications. Today’s best strategies, though, combine print and digital channels in order to engage customers on several different levels. Do not forget to get your print marketing as up-to-date as your digital efforts.

Refresh Outdated Marketing Materials
Everyone has at least a few boxes of unused print collateral hidden somewhere in their closet. Do your sales sheets, direct mail, and brochures have the same look since you started up? Your business has evolved over time – has your brand evolved too? Now is the perfect time to review the overall message going forward..

Adjust and Review Your Online Profiles
Every single marketing communication touch point affects how people view your brand. They may seem like small details but your brand’s social media profile images and descriptions inform how everyone on those channels will view your brand. Choose your images and words carefully. Make sure that it is consistent and presents the right message you want your clients to see.

Give in to Google
Some people still look down their nose at Google+ and Google My Business pages, but no one questions Google’s dominance in search. Face it Google decides what’s important, and they have a vested interest in making Google+ important. Have you noticed profile images showing up next to some search engine results? Those are Google+ users, and those images increase clicks by 150%.

If you feel it is time to get spring cleaning on your business’s brand image, print marketing materials or company website, contact 5by5 Design today. We will sit down with you, review all the elements that make up your brand image and create a plan going forward. Call 586-997-9647 or click here to send us an email.

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