What Social media platform is best for your small business?

website design shelby twpUsing 1 or 2 consistent accounts have greater value than having 3 or 4 and hardly posting to them all. Feel free to drop the ones that aren’t working for you. How should you choose which accounts to keep or toss?

Does hardly anyone read your blog, but people love your Pinterest boards? Stick to Pinterest. Do people ignore your updates on Facebook, but retweet and favorite your posts on Twitter? Stick to Twitter.

If you’re still unsure of which platforms will get the best results, find out where your customers like to hang out. Pew Research Center shares a study showing the demographics of each social media network.

Here’s an overview of what they found:

  • Women are more likely to use Facebook than men and it’s a popular network for seniors.
  • Twitter is primarily used by people under 50 who are college educated.
  • Instagram users are mostly women and young adults ages 18-29.
  • Pinterest is dominated by women and somewhat popular with young people. The over 50 crowd is slowly growing interest in Pinterest as well.
  • LinkedIn is a hotspot for college graduates and higher income households.

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Info taken from an article on business.com. Goto http://www.business.com/social-media-marketing/6-social-media-tips-every-small-business-should-implement-today/ to read more.

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