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small biz website creation macomb countyNow is the time to create a professional website

Congratulations, you took that first step and finally started your business, and things are going great! The natural thing to do is take advantage of a free Facebook page and set up one to represent your company. That has worked wonderfully for now but unless you’re a small business owner who is not interested in growing your brand, now is the time to create that business website.

Put simply, a business website is now like the business card – a must-have for any business! A website that serves as a digital business card, providing searchers with information about your business and what you can do for them is still worthwhile.

That said, it’s not enough that you just have a website. You must have a professionally designed site to be taken seriously. Since many consumers now search for information online, your site may be the first chance you have at making a good impression on a potential buyer. If your site looks like it was designed by your nephew in high school, your chance at making a good first impression will be lost.

Here are 6 reasons to take that next step and add that website:

  1. People use the Internet like they used to use the phone book.
    Potential customers are using their Smartphones and tablets to decide where to go and what to buy.  So be there or beware; people who are searching will find other local businesses rather than yours. Consider this: 81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero.
  2. A business website gives your business legitimacy.
    6 out of 10 consumers
    expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to the brand’s website for product information. Not having a business website raises questions in customers eyes. Are you on such a shoestring startup that you can’t even afford to do this? Something you don’t want people thinking about your business!
  3. A business website gives you another marketing channel.
    Having a business website gives you an automatic Internet presence. Think of it as a billboard on the ‘Net. Instantly you have another chance to introduce people to your products and services and another way for people to find you.
    Additionally, s dedicated website also has Google search on its side. It’s true a Facebook page can be found via a search engine, but it doesn’t provide the same comprehensive SEO control of a dedicated website. This point should not be overlooked.
  4. A business website gives you another opportunity for data collection/lead generation.
    Getting people to type their email address into a box on a website is much, much easier – especially if they perceive that they’re getting something for it, such as a newsletter.And once you have the email address, you have another way to reach your potential customer.
  5. Ecommerce spending is increasing every year.
    In the U.S., ecommerce spending was $226 billion in 2012 and Forrester Research Inc. predicts that online shoppers will spend $327 billion in 2016.
  6. Oh look! There’s a competitor’s ad! A dedicated business website is all yours
    Facebook places advertising in the right sidebar on pages. If your competition is advertising, it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that their ads will appear directly opposite your own content. You need one place on the web that is all your own — a website is an excellent and cost-effective way of achieving that.
  7.  Webrooming can lead customers into your store.
    If you have a brick-and-mortar store, investing in building an online presence such as an ecommerce website can increase your offline store’s profits thanks to the growing popularity of webrooming, where customers research items online before purchasing them in-store.

Your website is an important part of your business. Make sure you treat it as such. Contact 5by5 Design LLC (586-997-9647) and let us consult with you for that next step….your very own small business website!

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