Brand Redesign – Case Study

2 years ago Sterling Heights Community Federal Credit Union realigned themselves as a credit union and adopted a new charter. They changed their name to Live Life Federal Credit Union.

Having done that, they were looking for help in their rebranding process and turned to 5by5 Design LLC for assistance.


Here are the 5 steps we used to complete a rebrand.


1. Acquire market research

They had already did their due diligence and we used the research that they had already collected

2. What is your unique value proposition?

They wanted a lighter more friendly take on the whole “just a number” banking industry thing and felt that their competition did not provide that quality the way that they could.

3. Choose a brand name that delivers your message clearly

They had chosen “Live Life” as part of the new brand name because it projected an overall sense of belonging. As if to say that financial concerns are part of life and that they could alleviate that stress and let you “Live Life”

4. Create an emotional connection

The emotional connection was to “let their customers Live Life to the fullest” by using the credit union as a financial partner. The credit union would be there to take care of those confusing details.

5. Deliver consistent communications

Here was were the rebrand really took flight. We established a logo, corporate colors and an overall look that permeated all of the print and digital designs. This cohesive look helps establish brand recognition and overall familiarity going forward.

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