Print marketing is NOT dead!

In this digital age is print marketing still a viable portion of your overall strategy?

print marketing design 48315Below are a few reasons why the use of print materials marketing is NOT dead.

Print provides a tactile experience.

An online ad can only be seen on a device. A postcard or brochure can be seen and touched — and the quality of the printed piece speaks to the quality of your business.

Studies continue to show that the average person rarely reads more than a quarter of the text on a web page or targeted email, preferring to scan the content. How ever magazine readers see 90% of all pages in an issue, and will usually pick up a copy of a magazine more than once per day on multiple days, according to Bauer Media.

Print marketing has a high response rate

Believe it or not, direct mail is still used and rather heavily. According to a recent Pitney Bowes survey, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy includes BOTH print and digital marketing.

Furthermore, according to, advertisers spent $167 per person on direct mail in 2015, and earned $2,095 — that’s a 1,255 percent return!

A newfound (old) way to stand out!

There is less competition with print advertising, as opposed to digital marketing where there are millions of companies competing for an audience, And, according to a US Postal Service survey, people actually look at direct mail!

The massive amounts of digital media has given print media a strange new power. Think of how special it is to get a written letter as opposed to an email. If you’re trying to target a C-level audience, forget email — their assistant will just hit delete. But if you take your e-book, print it as a nice brochure and mail it to the exec’s office, it might get to their desk and leave a lasting impression.”

Also a printed piece stands out more than personalized emails, which we are constantly inundated with everyday. People like receiving mail that feels made for them – and they’ll assume it was expensive to do, when it actually can be done cost – effectively.

In some instances, print truly trumps digital

Hard copy catalogs are still more popular than digital versions, and therefore remain a core marketing strategy for many small, medium and large Macomb County businesses. In fact, 58 per cent of people read catalogues as opposed to the 12 per cent who read online, while other stats indicate that 93 per cent of shoppers will venture to a store after paging through a catalog. It seems that despite our screen-scrolling tendencies, society maintains a firm grip on the tactile experience of the print catalog.

Print is sustainable

Most paper in the US is recycled. According to Two Sides “In 2012, over 65% of paper used in the United States was recovering for recycling.” As a marketer, you can encourage your company and your customers to recycle, and you can also work with printers to ensure that you are using recycled paper.
Marketing Profs points out that, “Paper-based marketing has a smaller carbon footprint than digital marketing, since carbon emissions are only produced once, during the creation of the product. Meanwhile, carbon emissions occur every time someone uses a digital device. Even the act of producing a CD creates MORE CO2 emissions than printing a 100-page report in full color.”

What’s old is new again, and in this case, new and old can work together in innovative and powerful ways.

Are you ready to create some effective print marketing pieces?

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