Do your customers understand?

Brand marketing understandingThe Importance of Features vs Benefits

We all love to talk of our company’s features, or our brand new equipment features. This is a big part of presenting your brand image to the public. If you do not talk about your company how will your future and current clients know what you do?

The down side of that “feature” listing is that it means nothing to your customer!

That’s right nothing! When you present a list of a product’s features you have to let your customer base know what is the benefit to them.

For example:

“ABC cleaning has the newest Dirt Master 3000 with 4 arm attachments and triple suction clean”.
Sounds impressive doesn’t it? But it literally means nothing to anyone outside the cleaning industry, right?

You have to explain the benefit it has for the customer.

Better example:

“ABC Cleaning has the newest and best equipment in the cleaning industry. This allows us to cut the overall drying time to 2 hours and pull out triple the dirt. That way your furniture stays clean longer.

That speaks to what’s in it for me, the client. Better and clear communication for your business, means more interest and more understanding. Take a look at what you are presenting as a business entity. Ask friends or other people what they perceive of your brand. Chances are something is not clear to them, and thusly not clear to everyone.

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