Do you have a branded email?

You’re an entrepreneur. You took the big step. You put your heart and soul into your business. You want to look professional and legit.

website creation macombAfter all you are selling perception.

But what do interested customers perceive of your website, brand and email address? Each one is important to the overall perception of your company and product.

Then why do you not have a branded email address?

Here are 7 reasons why you should have one.

1. You Gain Instant Credibility With Customers

Credibility is an important, invisible currency in the business world. If your business seems suspicious, customers will not buy your products and services online.

2. You Save Time by Managing Your Website and Email Address in One Place

You can manage your email from the same control panel you use to manage your website

3. Your Brand Gets a Chance to Shine

Let’s face it, a free email account devalues your business. It is much harder to send out customized emails that reflect your brand using a free email address.

4. Your Emails Are Less Likely to Go Into the Spam Folder

Did you know that some businesses block emails from free email accounts? So while you may save money with a free account, it could cost your business millions in lost sales.

5. Your Staff Becomes Brand Ambassadors

Free accounts are usually limited and you can’t add more than one user to an email account. When you have your own website, you can create and manage unlimited email accounts with ease.

6. You Can Enjoy Tech Support When You Need It

Another advantage of having your own email address is that you won’t have to worry about tech support.

7. Your Business Name May Not Be Available if You Use a Free Email Account

Chances are your business name is not available if you try to use a free email account.

If you still do not have a dedicated company website or still use a free email account call us at 586-997-9647, or click here and contact us.

Article is based on a blog by Amelia Willson


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