9 dangerous mistakes when building a website

Website creation is a complex task.

creative design website services 48315Building a website is a task not to be taken lightly. It is a reasonably complex task that combines taking a collection of information and images, designing it with readability and all the while also applying basic design techniques. Here are just a few frequently overlooked website creation mistakes.

1. Opening new windows. Once upon a time, using multiple new frames to display content as a user clicked through a site was cool–a new thing in web design. With tabbed browsing common in browsers like Firefox, users who wish to open links in new tabs can do so if they wish.

2. Failing to put a contact information in several locations. The best practice is to put up a “Contact Us” link that leads to complete info–mailing address, phone and email address. But, you should also have that info on each and every page of your website.

3. Broken links. Bad links–hyperlinks that do nothing when clicked or lead to “404” error pages–are the bane of any web surfer. Test your site–and do it weekly–to ensure that all links work.

4. Slow server times. Slow load times are inexcusable with professional sites — it’s an invitation to the visitor to click away. What’s slow? On average, visitors will wait only four seconds for a site to load before clicking away.

5. Outdated information. Make sure to keep your site fresh and updated daily for best results. You can’t afford the loss of credibility that can come from having dated content.

6. Poor navigation. It’s very frustrating to be forced to go back two or three pages to get to other areas of a site. It’s also a waste of time. There should be a navigation bar on every page that guides visitors to other areas of the site.

7. Too many font styles and colors. Pages ought to present a unified, consistent look. Use two or three fonts and colors per page, maximum. The idea is to reassure viewers of your solidity and stability, not to convince them you’re wildly artistic.

8. Orphan pages. Every page in your site needs a readily seen link back to the home page. Why? Sometimes users who may visit and may want more information. But if the page they get is a dead end, forget it. Always put a link to “Home” on every page, and make your site logo (usually found near the top of the screen) link back to your home page

9. Failing to link with your social network sites. Most businesses have their own Facebook pages, or Pinterest or Twitter accounts. The point is that social media is an important resource and businesses are benefiting from having a presence in it. Forgetting to link to your social media platforms is a big no-no. People should be able to go from one to the other effortlessly.


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