7 Basic Website Mistakes

website design macomb oakland countyThese 7 common website mistakes that can ruin your site and turn away visitors.

1. Too Much Going On

Establish your pertinent business information right away on your website. Visitors who can’t understand what your site is about within 10 seconds of arriving on your site will leave.

2. Too Little Going On

Minimalism in design is a huge trend right now, and it works when done correctly. Some small business websites are overly cryptic. Your visitors want to know who you are and what your business will do for them.

3. Too Confusing

A confusing site is one which features a variety of typefaces, images, color palettes, and themes, none of which relate to each other. It can also happen when you’re trying to convey too many ideas at once and view your site as individual components rather than as a whole.

4. A Terrible Call To Action

Your CTA is the gateway to your business. It commands your visitors to do something: It’s very important that your CTA clearly tells visitors what they need to do. There should be enough information that visitors know what they’re going to get from taking action and what information they need to provide.

5. Bad Content and Minimal Whitespace

It is called web DESIGN for a reason! Content is a crucial part of your website and it tells readers about your business and the products/services you offer. Pay careful attention to how content is laid out on the page. Also make good use of white space. You must make it easy for the visitor to read and not be overwhelmed by a crowded confusion layout

6. Confusing Navigation

We live in an age where everything is delivered to us in an instant, and anything longer will make people abandon your site. Making your navigation menu hard to find is one common web design mistake.

7. Lack of Contact Info

Strangely, a lack of contact information is another common mistake. The moment visitors decide to make a purchase or use your services is crucial. If a visitor has to search through your site for contact info, they will likely get frustrated and leave.

website design macomb oakland county


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