6 common sense website design tips

When it comes to creating websites it is important to embrace some basic design practices.

1. Use good visual design techniques

“A picture tells a thousand of words”. Pictures can convey the real value of the content, grab the user’s attention and also explain complicated concepts.

2. Make sure it is mobile friendly

We are now living in a society that can’t be without mobile devices. When a client browses your website on a mobile device, they expect to see the content look just like they would see it on a desktop.

3. Employ interactive design

Interactive website design can bring enjoyment to users and improve the user experience. 5by5 Design LLC always strives to make your website design more attractive, and useable, to visitors.

4. Use clear navigation design

Without a clearly defined navigation menu your visitors will not likely stay on your website – It must be simple and intuitive. Make sure easy navigation is a priority when you create your website design.

5. Make good use of your white space

A good practice to apply is balanced white space between words and other elements to make for easier reading. Limit the number of design elements because if there are too many, the user’s attention will be dispersed. 

6. Highlight your USP on your website

Be sure to highlight the main product and content of your website, because visitors will use different keywords to reach your site. Make sure the user recognizes your company’s. Unique Selling Position is immediately clear on the site

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