Complete Business Marketing

Does your company have a specific target audience? Do you have a well thought out marketing plan?

Perhaps you started your business, based on hard work and a great product, and you’ve done alright. But now you’ve established yourself and want to grab a bigger market share. If so, now is the time for a proper marketing plan.

The term “Marketing Plan” is always spoken of but it’s sad how many businesses don’t have one. It is a vital aspect of any business and a concise marketing plan is paramount. A business cannot really get off the ground until they sell something and a marketing plan is about figuring out how sales will be made. Developing a good plan is a way to overcome your shortcomings and increase your business’s income. Which in turn means your business will be successful. This is why a solid marketing plan is a MUST.
Briefly, you must make sure that you have the answers to the 5 basic marketing questions . . .

The 5 Keys of Marketing Strategymarketing plans

  1. Who is your narrowly defined target customer?
  2. In which category does your business exist?
  3. What is your unique benefit?
  4. Who is your real competition?
  5. How are you clearly different from your competitors?

If none of these points hit home with you, or you have no clear cut answers, then you need a marketing review.

We will make a comprehensive analysis of your business and product, evaluate the findings and come back with a plan that fits your business. And get you on the way to greater success.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today at click here or call 586-997-9647 and let’s get started!

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